Let’s talk about marketing your home!

This is the part where our expertise informed by years of experience plus our amazing dedicated team make magical things happen to optimize you getting the very best price for your home.

By advertising, holding open houses(agent and public if that is best for you), taking professional photos and putting together brochures, websites, virtual tours, social media including facebook, instagram are some of the modes of communication so that the greatest number of interested buyers will find your home.

We’ve put together some sound advice for sellers who are hoping to give their home that little extra push on the market. The team at SLC ( Sherkinlangerandcastle) oversees the whole process described below!

Declutter Your Space

“Curb appeal”, the view of your home from the outside, is important.

But far more important is the interior, which is where the next owners will spend most of their time!

It often helps to freshen your décor before selling.

In particular, it’s important to declutter – that is, make your home a beautiful blank slate which potential buyers can project their own hopes and dreams.

Generally, the best way to go is neutral.

Buy the latest home magazines and mimic what you see.

Soft colours are better than bright ones.

Rearrange the furniture if it’s blocking anything or if it doesn’t “flow” well. If you have too much furniture or extra boxes of personal effects, put them in an out-of-the-way storage closet.

Pay attention to garages and sheds, too: an uncluttered garage is worth the work!

We have our interior decorator who specializes in homes that are for sale.

If you choose to work with us to sell your home, she will do a consult to help us show off your home in the best way possible. She also does after-market service to help you set up and settle you into your new home.

Clean, Repair and Paint

We all want to live in a clean house!

Your potential buyers certainly will.

So whether you’re a house-proud cleaning machine or you let things slide a bit more than you should, make sure your home is absolutely spotless before you show it.

We generally suggest to our clients that they hire a professional cleaner to help. (We have our own dream team that we will provide to you) It’s not just the dust in the corners that needs to go, though. Other things you might want to consider are:

  • We arrange our carpet-cleaning company to steam clean your carpets andpotentially your furniture. This is particularly important if you have pets!
  • Scrub down the outdoor parts of your house, such as the deck, the garden furniture,the shed and the garage. You might even want to get your car washed.

So, now everything’s clean, and you’re ready to show, right?

Not quite. You’ve still got to take care of that banging in the furnace and those scuffs on the hardwood!

When you’re selling your home, make sure everything is in good working order, from the air conditioning to the electrical panel.

Sometimes this is a legal obligation; for instance, if your appliances are included in the sale of the home, you’ll have to make sure they’re pristine and work well.

But it’s also important for the atmosphere of your home. A home with, say, a broken door handle and badly installed carpet can still be wonderful, but even small defects like this can subtract from the selling price of your home.

Our team of professionals and our coordinator make this potential nightmare, dreamy.

Lights, Smells, Action

What makes a home an immediate yes to buyers?

Usually, it’s because the home has an appealing atmosphere – that is, the décor, the scents, the lighting, the flow of the rooms, and that intangible something all come together.

Creating a good sensory experience for potential buyers: appeal to their senses of smell, sight and hearing!

Smell has been scientifically proven to be the keenest human sense and the most important in enhancing memory. One of the easiest ways to create an appealing and memorable scent in your home is to bake something! An alternative, if you’re not baking-inclined, is to boil a pot of cinnamon and cloves on the stove.

Fresh flower: fresh roses, tulips or lilies and put them in a vase on your dining room table or on a table by the front door.

Sound is also important. Do you live near a busy street make sure inside your home you create a calm, mellow atmosphere.

Put on some smooth jazz in the living room, something unobtrusive but pleasant.

And, of course, there’s the question of lighting. It’s best to show your home during the day. Make sure to fully open all blinds and curtains and let the sun stream in. Leave the lights on, especially in darker areas such as basements and rooms with fewer windows, to brighten up the atmosphere. Inspect all your bulbs and replace any that are burnt out.

Your goal is to help your visitors to imagine themselves making your home their home. So these small, home-like touches will help their imagination run wild.


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