You Are Part Of The Sherkin-Langer And Castle Family

10 September 2020
Nina Castle

Stay Safe and Stay Connected

To our clients,

Where does one start in times like these.

We have begun this message to you so many times and then another memo comes across our various virtual channels informing us about another change and another way we have to adapt.

And we don’t want to interfere with any official information coming your way.

What we want to do is reach out to each and every one of you and your partners and families and friends and share this message.

We, who have seen most of you through good times and some more challenging ones.

We have watched many of you rise so elegantly and dig deep to reconstruct your family after long distance moves and live through the passing of a family member. We have watched and celebrated as some of you become parents and others became grandparents. We have held your hands as some of you have gone through separation and divorce and some through remarriage to new partners.

We have helped you pack up and unpack your homes and your lives.

We just thought it was important to share with you how important you are to us.

You are part of the Sherkin-Langer and Castle family.

We are proud of the overwhelming positive and caring attitude of people we have worked with during this unprecedented time and have a great sense that we will all work together to get through this.

Whether it’s following social distancing or sending electronic messages to place smiles on each others faces, virtual dance parties and online school work.

So we are here for you today and as we have always been.

Stay safe. Keep social distancing. Wash your hands.

Best to you all. Stay in touch.

Ferne and Nina