Stay Safe And Stay Connected

10 September 2020
Nina Castle

Stay Safe and Stay Connected

Dearest Clients,

With this craziness and challenging times, Nina and I would like to propose a weekly communication about, well about trying to get through this as positively as possible.

That is not a new idea and it’s is certainly something each and everyone of us is trying to do.

We don’t want to report on “the number of cases” or whether we should be wearing a mask, or what grocery store is better at social distancing or even reporting on the behaviours of others that annoy us and invade our space which can feel terrorizing.

We don’t want to report on where to get hand sanitizer or toilet paper (is that still a thing)?

We simply want to reach out and tell you that like you, we are struggling to get up in the morning with purpose.

We are setting our alarm clocks and forcing ourselves out of bed to look at the MLS system and watching the odd spring market.

The leaves are starting to come out on the trees and this time of Easter, for some of us and Passover, for others is usually filled with a sense of renewal and energy. We wish you the best of the holiday because it is still something to celebrate.

We often send you emails at this time of year filled with the ideas of spring cleaning and updating your inside decor with bright colours. We encourage you to stretch your legs and get outside and start to tidy up your outside spaces.

For many, this is usually a time where you might have considered making a change which may include buying a new home. (Inside spring cleaning and buying a few items to spruce up may be just the right thing for you and even some fresh brightly coloured flowers in a vase can be great medicine. )

What we are going to say instead is that we are focused on participating in the country’s mandate to keep socially distanced, have become hand washing machines. We are, like you trying to keep the spirit of spring in our hearts.

We have made a list of the things we miss most which we acknowledge and include:

Seeing friends, seeing our family, giving hugs, going to work, and the days when CNN and CBC news was something you turned on for only an hour.

Feel free to share with us what you miss most and what you have found most helpful.

I am doing online Pilates and gym classes as a structure to my day as well as online mahj and and bridge and canasta which I have found can include others. Zoom and FaceTime are so amazingly helpful. We have daily FaceTime with our kids and grandkids and virtual cocktail hours.

Stay safe and stay connected.

Until next week.


Ferne and Nina.